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We specialize with nonprofits, startup, local, independent, professional services, musicians, filmmakers, entertainment, business development.


We fix problems and save time.


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Web Hosting

Green Web Hosting

Broad Ripple Unlimited goes to great lengths to maintain our web servers. We work around the clock to protect and improve our network.


We also keep your plugins updated, your site secure, and diligently work to keep malicious traffic off of the server, as well as actively backup your data. Let us manage your GreenGeeks Hosting.


We ask our clients to contribute $10 per month to our collective hosting costs, which provides unlimited support, email storage, and data transfer.


Contact us to learn more, and we will be happy to walk you through the process.
Self-host with GreenGeeks
Self-Host with GreenGeeks



Keystone-Monon Community Garden

Keystone Monon Community Gardens

The purpose of the Keystone-Monon Community Garden is to serve as a multi-generational gathering place to create community through collaborative efforts in growing healthy food sustainably while providing opportunities for education and fun.


Indiana Animal Rights Alliance

Indiana Animal Rights Alliance

We believe animals have the right to be free from human violence. We are seeking volunteers who are interested in helping. Join us and Be Their Voice.


TimeBank Indy

TimeBank Indy

TimeBank Indy is a volunteer-led initiative that strives to create a community-wide circle of giving to encourage people to volunteer their talents and receive, in return, help with their unmet needs.


Evoke Arts & Media

Evoke Arts and Media

Serving as Board Member, film committee member, and music committee member.


Evolver Indianapolis

Community Calendar

Find many great community & transformational events on the community calendar.

Indy Art | Media Coop

Indy Art | Media Coop

Distributing creative content to promote social awareness, education, and action.


Broad Ripple

Event and Media Marketplace Coming 2016!

Roots Reviviscence

Umbrella nonprofit focused on sustainability. Coming 2016!


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Broad Ripple Unlimited, LLC is a sole-member LLC with several subcontractors. The goal is to become nonprofit, mutual benefit corporation, or in other words Broad Ripple Unlimited, LLC is planning to become a worker-owned cooperative. BRU is the result of years of dreaming and planning, and because of that it is a company for dreamers. We hope to have a profound and widespread impact or a Broad Ripple! Of course this is the location of our home base, but we have always thought of it in the respect of creating a wave that changes the world for the better as it passes.


We are systems-thinkers. We have a vision and dedication to music and art, community, and sustainability. We work to incorporate these spectrums into everything we do. In other words regarding sustainability: there has got to be a way for all progress not to be lost. There has got to be a way for the species of earth to perpetually survive as long as there is a planet earth and it should be a priority for all of us to find a way to support the systems that support us! If we choose to cut a corner, we are neglect some aspect of the ecosystem; then we are simply choosing to overlook an organizational shareholder in our common survival. We must make the choice to recognize all of our shareholders; their importance and their needs.


We are working to further the concepts of equality, equity, and democracy. We believe that change starts from within, and we have dedicated ourselves to doing the work to be a representative of the next economy, one that considers all aspects of the triple bottom line equally (people, planet, and profits), and follow the philosophy of the Seventh Generation (working so that there is enough for seven generations from now, and seven generations beyond that).


Broad Ripple Unlimited, LLC is also working to create and support the nonprofit Roots Reviviscence. We do this with our time, skills, and also profit sharing. Please sign up for our email list to stay up to date with all of the work that we are doing in and for the community.
Contact us today to talk about your next project. No project too big or too small!


Here is a sampling of some of our web work: